#AktionswocheWissenschaft: Let’s get organised! (ENG)
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#AktionswocheWissenschaft: Let’s get organised!

12 – 16 June | at your university or research institution

(Zur deutschen Version dieser Seite)

What is the action week about?

The system of higher education and research in Germany is in deep crisis. We can only change it for the better, if we join forces and unite our struggles across students and workers at universities and research institutions. Good working conditions in higher education and research are a prerequisite for good studying, teaching and research conditions!

Together with our partners we invite you – student, postgraduate and postdoc workers as well as committed professors in higher education and at research institutions – to show mutual solidarity. Talk about working conditions of student employees, academic and non-academic staff. Identify common issues and ways to challenge the system that intends to divide us. During the action week, we will show employers and policy makers that we are united!

Let’s get organised now for a workers’ friendly WissZeitVG and TVStud!

How can I participate and show solidarity?
At your workplace

⇒ Discuss your working conditions with your students in your class using the short presentation from the resource pool. And ask about their situation

⇒ Wear the action week buttons (available at your local GEW or ver.di branch)

⇒ Print a solidarity poster as predoc/postdoc or professor and hang it up on your office door

⇒ Talk to your colleagues about working conditions at your workplace during lunch breaks

On Social Media

⇒ Tweet your solidarity and group pictures with the hashtag #AktionswocheWissenschaft

⇒ Post your local action in the interactive action map

⇒ Post a customised sharepic using the templates from the resource pool

⇒ Use this automatic e-mail responder during the action week: “Thank you for your message. This week my replies may take longer than usual because it is #AktionswocheWissenschaft. For more information and events click here. If you want to show solidarity at your workplace, click here

How can I organise a local action?

⇒ Invite colleagues and comrades to gather and view the online Kick-Off Rally on June 12th (see below ‘centralised events’)

⇒ Host an organising workshop to build a strong structure at your workplace

⇒ Host a public discussion event on a pressing issue and collective action to improve the situation

⇒ Invite local journalists to report on your activities

Can you inspire me?
Are their any centralised events?

Preparation call | Tuesday, 23 May 12 am to 1 pm

What is the action week about?

inspiration, resource pool

Join the prep call

(access code: 385888)

Kick-Off Rally | Monday, 12 June 4 to 5 pm

Statements from workers in higher ed and research

inspiration, resource pool

Join the rally

(access code: 346853)

Closing call | Friday, 16 June 1 to 2 pm

Share your experience from the action week

How to stay engaged?

Join the closing call

(access code: 842177)

How can I stay engaged beyond the action week?

⇒ Attend our federal networking and strategy event in Berlin on June 16th to 17th. Topics this year: WissZeitVG, basic funding and organising. More info and registration here

⇒ Join a labour union, for example GEW or ver.di

⇒ Become a member of NGAWiss and help to finance our work for better labour conditions. Fill in the digital membership form

⇒ Get involved in one of our partner organisations to improve the academic system in Germany and beyond: BdWi, fzs, , Respect Science, TVStud, ver.di, GEW

Partnering for the action week

BdWi - Bund demokratischer Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler     "Bett, Schreibtisch, Küche, Supermarkt - mehr gibt es nicht" | Radio ...           Jana Lasser

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We are indebted to a great community that supports us and provides numerous materials!